ArtiSynth Coding Standard

6 Break lines at the beginning of argument lists

If breaking a line is necessary, the beginning of an argument list is a good place to do it. The break should be indented by the usual 3 spaces. The result can look at bit like Lisp:

   public String getKeyBindings() {
      return artisynth.core.util.TextFromFile.getTextOrError (
         ArtisynthPath.getResource (

If at all possible, do not break lines at the ’.’ used for method or field references. For clarity, it is better to keep these together with their objects. Therefore, please *do not* do this:

   public String getKeyBindings() {
      return artisynth.core.util.TextFromFile
         .getTextOrError (ArtisynthPath
            .getResource (getDirectoryName()+KEY_BINDINGS_FILE));

Note that Eclipse will not generally enforce these breaking conventions, so you need to do this yourself.