ArtiSynth Installation Guide for MacOS

12 Updating ArtiSynth

One reason to install ArtiSynth from GitHub is to be able to update the codebase to incorporate new features and bug fixes. When a significant update occurs, a posting is made to the ArtiSynth update log, currently located at Users may also be notified via the artisynth-updates email list.

Eclipse users may update simply by selecting the artisynth_core in the Package Explorer and then right clicking and choosing Team > Pull.

Updating may also be done from a terminal window:

 > git pull

If local changes have been made to artisynth_core that interfere with the changes made by the update, a Git pull operation may result in a conflict. Conflict resolution is outside the scope of this document, but documentation on this is available online. Conflicts should not occur if local changes have not been made to artisynth_core.

Other Git-based projects, such as artisynth_models, may be updated similarly.

12.1 Library updates

Occasionally, a software update will be accompanied by a change in the libraries located in <ARTISYNTH_HOME>/libs. When this happens, it will be indicated on the ArtiSynth update log and appropriate instructions will be given. In these cases, one should also update the ArtiSynth libraries.

The easiest way to do this is from within ArtiSynth, by selecting “Update Libraries” at the bottom of the File menu.

Libraries can also be updated using the command updateArtisynthLibs located in <ARTISYNTH_HOME>/bin. This can be done from a terminal window:

 > bin/updateArtisynthLibs