Writing Documentation for ArtiSynth

7 External Software Required

The following summarizes the external software that is needed for generating or modifying ArtiSynth documentation:

  • LaTeX, which is widely available for Linux, Windows, and MacOS systems.

  • GNU make, which is standard on Linux and MacOS systems, and can be installed on Windows systems as part of the Cygwin Unix emulation environment.

  • LaTeXML, which is also available for Linux, Windows, and MacOS systems.

7.1 Installing LaTeXML

LaTeXML (dlmf.nist.gov/LaTeXML) is a program developed at the US National Bureau of Standards, originally to provide reliable conversion of LaTeX-based mathematical documents into HTML and XHTML. Written in Perl, it translates a .tex file into an XML schema, which is then translated to HTML or XHTML using XSLT. LaTeXML supports a large number of the more commonly used LaTeX packages but does not support them all.

Detailed instructions on installing LaTeXML are available on the website. For the ArtiSynth documentation, version 0.8.0 or higher is required (note that some pre-built releases may not provide versions this recent); at the time of this writing, the latest version is 0.8.2. The installation instructions also describe the required prerequisite software, which includes Perl, ImageMagick, and a few support packages for Perl.

Although the pre-built releases may not provide the required 0.8.0 version, it may be useful to first install a rebuild release anyway, in order to ensure installation of the prerequisite software (such as the Perl packages and ImageMagick). Then the pre-built release can be uninstalled, leaving the prerequisites in place, and a more recent version can be installed, perhaps from a source tarball or GitHub. For example, on MacOS, if you have MacPorts installed, you can install a pre-built release using

  > sudo port install LaTeXML

This may take a while, but it will install all necessary prerequisites including Perl, LaTeX, and ImageMagick. You can then uninstall LaTeXML itself, and install directly from GitHub, using a command sequence like this:

  > sudo port uninstall LaTeXML
  > git clone https://github.com/brucemiller/LaTeXML.git
  > cd LaTeXML
  > perl Makefile.PL
  > make
  > make test
  > sudo make install