Writing Documentation for ArtiSynth

6 Eclipse InfoCenter

Eclipse InfoCenter is the subsystem of the Eclipse IDE that allows a user to view and navigate help information via a web browser. A useful feature is that an InfoCenter can be run in a standalone configuration to supply documentation for a particular project.

In particular, all of the ArtiSynth manuals and guides are available online through an InfoCenter, running on the ArtiSynth web sever, via the URL www.artisynth.org/doc/info. This is achieved by running an InfoCenter server process on the ArtiSynth webserver. Details on how this process is configured and run are provided in the file


HTML files for InfoCenter are built by LaTeXML as described in Section 8.1, in response to the make infocenter or make INFOCENTER commands (Section 2.2.2). They are then copied into the HTML documentation directory on the ArtiSynth webserver using make install_html or make install, as described in Section 2.6, from which they can be accessed by the InfoCenter server process.