Interfacing ArtiSynth to MATLAB and Jython

1 Introduction

ArtiSynth interfaces to both MATLAB and Jython, providing the ability to create scripts for running simulations, and to interactively query and perform method calls on ArtiSynth objects.

Since current versions of MATLAB support the execution of Java programs, it is possible to run ArtiSynth from within MATLAB. This allows simulations to be run under the control of MATLAB, either interactively or through MATLAB scripts. Internal ArtiSynth structures and data can be examined and processed by MATLAB, either after a simulation completes or while it is in progress. It is also possible to connect ArtiSynth to an external MATLAB process, which can then be used for preparing simulation input or analyzing output.

ArtiSynth also provides an interactive Jython console, which allows access to internal structures and data. Jython scripts can also be prepared to automatically run one or more simulations. These scripts can also be invoked in “batch” mode by running ArtiSynth directly from the command line without starting the graphical interface.