ArtiSynth Modeling Guide


This guide describes how to create mechanical and biomechanical models in ArtiSynth using its Java API. Detailed information on how to use the ArtiSynth GUI for model visualization, navigation and simulation control is given in the ArtiSynth User Interface Guide. It is also possible to interface ArtiSynth with, or run it under, MATLAB. For information on this, see the guide Interfacing ArtiSynth to MATLAB.

Information on how to install and configure ArtiSynth is given in the installation guides for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

It is assumed that the reader is familiar with basic Java programming, including variable assignment, control flow, exceptions, functions and methods, object construction, inheritance, and method overloading. Some familiarity with the basic I/O classes defined in*, including input and output streams and the specification of file paths using File, as well as the collection classes ArrayList and LinkedList defined in java.util.*, is also assumed.