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Technical team

Lead: Dr. Sidney Fels
Dr. John Lloyd
Dr. Nicolas d'Alessandro
Johnty Wang
Karl Nordstrom
Ying Yin
Allison Lenters
Eric Foxall
Edgar Flores
MJ Tung
Prof. Ian Gibson
Jonas Chatel-Goldman
Rhiannon Derbyshire
Massih Khorvash
Theresa Palmer
Seiya Tsuruta

Artistic team

Lead: Dr. Bob Pritchard
Marguerite Witvoet
Erica Anderson
Naithan Bosse
Prof. Meryn Cadell
Prof. Helene Day Fraser
Itai Erdal
Susan Bertoia
James Tate
Livia Gho
Zoe MacDougall
Ryan Noakes
Aura Pon
Conor Stuart

Linguistics and cognitive systems team

Lead: Dr. Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson
Adriano Vilela Barbosa
Martin Oberg
Cameron Hassall
Katie McAllister

Concert co-ordination and production

Nicolas Jacques
Dani Fecko