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Sidney Fels (Principal Investigator, ECE Department, UBC)
Bryan Gick (Linguistics Department, UBC)
Thomas Oxland (Mech Eng, UBC)
Anthony Hodgson (Mech Eng, UBC)
Eitan Prisman (Dept of Surgery, UBC/Vancouver Coastal Health)

Research Engineer

John Lloyd (ECE Department, UBC)


Ian Stavness (CS Department, Univ. of Saskatchewan)
Benedikt Sagl (University Clinic of Dentistry, Medical University of Vienna)
Jonghye Woo (Harvard Medical School)
Najeeb Khan (Global Relay Inc.)
Yohan Payan (Institut d'Informatique et Mathematiques Appliquees de Grenoble)
Pascal Perrier (Institut de la Communication Parlee)
Jana Rieger (University of Alberta and Head of Research, iRSM)
Rafeef Abugharbieh (ECE Department, UBC)
Stephanie Buchaillard (Institut de la Communication Parlee)
Matthieu Chabanas (Institut de la Communication Parlee)
Alan Hannam (Department of Dentistry, UBC)
John Fleetham (Vancouver Costal Health)
Arthur Miller (Department of Orofacial Sciences, UC San Fransisco)
Pierre Zakarauskas (Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, UBC)

Graduate Students

Atabak Eghbal (ECE Department, UBC)
Ursa Maity (School of Biomedical Engineering, UBC)
Hamidreza Aftabi (ECE Department, UBC)
Nima Ashjaee (School of Biomedical Engineering, UBC)
Deb Mohapatra (ECE Department, UBC)
Eric Easthope (ECE Department, UBC)
Yadong Liu (Linguistics Department, UBC)


Antonio Sanchez (ECE Department, UBC)
Pramit Saha (ECE Department, UBC)
Praneeth Venkata Srungarapu (ECE Department, UBC)
Amir Abdi (ECE Department, UBC)
Masoud Malakoutian (Mech Department, UBC)
Rui Yang (ECE Department, UBC)
Carol Jaeger (ECE Department, UBC)
Edgar Flores (ECE Department, UBC)
Peter Anderson (Mechanical Engineering, UBC)
Andrew Ho (ECE Department, UBC)
Negar M Harandi (ECE Department, UBC)
Ling Tsou (ECE Department, UBC)
Tricia Pang (ECE Department, UBC)
Kees van den Doel (Department of Computer Science, UBC)
Elliot English (Department of Computer Science, Stanford)
Tracy Wilkinson (Computer Science, UBC)
Rebecca Weiss (Linguistics Department, UBC)
Florian Vogt (ECE Department, UBC)
Mitchell Cheong (Engineering Physics Program, UBC)
Byron Reynolds (Engineering Physics Program, UBC)
Bruce Haines (ECE Department, UBC)
Hui Chen (Faculty of Dentistry, UBC)
Michelle Chuang (Computer Science, UBC)