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ArtiSynth Documentation

  • Overview: An overview paper describing ArtiSynth's design, features, and physical simulation methods.

Online documentation

Note that ArtiSynth online documentation is kept (roughly) up-to-date for the current development version. For prepackaged releases, the documentation stored within the doc/html directories of the release itself should be more reliable.

Specific Manuals and Guides

Document titles link to PDF files. Each document is also available on InfoCenter (info) or as a standalone HTML file.


In progress:


Tutorial information is given on the Tutorial page

!!!Papers and Reports

*Model Editing: Tracy Wilkinson (Aug. 31, 2007). Describes a preliminary version of the graphical model editing interface.

*Probe Editing: Johnty Wang (Apr. 30, 2007). Describes the graphical interface for adding and editing probes.

*Navigation Panel: Chad Decker (Apr. 27, 2006). Describes a preliminary version of the graphical navigation panel.