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ArtiSynth Documentation

  • Overview: An overview paper describing ArtiSynth's design, features, and physical simulation methods.

Online documentation

Note that ArtiSynth online documentation is kept (roughly) up-to-date for the current development version. For prepackaged releases, the documentation stored within the doc/html directories of the release itself should be more reliable.

Specific Manuals and Guides

This section describes the specific manuals and guides which are collectively available through InfoCenter at, with each title linking to a standalone HTML file. Each document is also available on InfoCenter (info), or as a PDF file.

Older documents and tutorials

Power point slides from the ArtiSynth tutorial held at PMHA 2014, August 21, 2014:

Papers and Reports

  • Model Editing: Tracy Wilkinson (Aug. 31, 2007). Describes a preliminary version of the graphical model editing interface.
  • Probe Editing: Johnty Wang (Apr. 30, 2007). Describes the graphical interface for adding and editing probes.
  • Navigation Panel: Chad Decker (Apr. 27, 2006). Describes a preliminary version of the graphical navigation panel.