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Selected Applications

Video demos and short descriptions of various ArtiSynth modeling applications are given below. Those marked with an asterix * are available in the artisynth_models package.

Cervical Spine Impact Model

A model of the cervical spine used for studying the effects of head impacts due to activities such as rugby.

Lower Limb Knee Model

A biomechanical lower limb model with applications such as predicting outcomes related to knee replacement surgery.

Jaw with FEM-based TMJ

An FEM-based jaw model to study TMJ loading during mastication.

Musculoskeletal-FEM Foot

A combined musculoskeletal/FEM foot model to help prevent pressure ulcers.

FRANK Head Neck Model

A full model of the human head and neck region.

FEM Masseter Model

A detailed, FEM-based model of the masseter used to study chewing forces.

Integrated Face Tongue Jaw*

An FEM face model integrated with the jaw, skull, tongue and hyoid bone.

Jaw and Laryngeal Model*

A high fidelity, dynamic, biomechanical model of the human jaw and laryngeal structures.

Biomechanical Tongue Model*

An FEM model of tongue with muscle activation based on 11 muscle groups.

Coupled Jaw-Tongue-Hyoid Model*

The jaw-hyoid and tongue models coupled with attachment constraints in ArtiSynth

Vocal Tract Model*

This models sound generation and propagation in the vocal tract and the nasal tract.