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A Musculoskeletal-FEM Foot Model

Vincent Luboz, Antoine Perrier, Marek Bucki, et al., TIMC_IMAG, Universite Grenoble Alpes

This was developed to help develop "smart-materials" for the prevention of pressure ulcers due to conditions such as diabetic neuropathy. A full musculoskeletal foot model, comprised of bones, ligaments, and muscles, is embedded within an FEM model to simulate the surrounding skin and soft tissue. Most of the bone joints are modeled using rigid body contact. The model used to determine pressure patterns that arose during floor contact, and hence identify "hot spots" that might result in pressure ulceration.

V. Luboz, A. Perrier, I. Stavness, J. E. Lloyd, M. Bucki, F. Cannard, B. Diot, N. Vuillerme and Y. Payan (2014) Foot ulcer prevention using biomechanical modelling.. . (URL) (BibTeX)