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The ArtiSynth Models Package (artisynth_models)

The ArtiSynth Models package (artisynth_models) is a collection of modeling work done with ArtiSynth. It contains contributions from a number of researchers and organizations, with its contents presently focused mainly on the head and neck region.

Please acknowledge use of these models:

If you use these models for your research, please acknowledge the creators using one or more of the references found on the Citations page.

Which version of artisynth_models should I get?

You should download the version of artisynth_models that matches your version of ArtiSynth.

  • If you are using the current development version of ArtiSynth (obtained from Github), you should get the current development version of artisynth_models, as described below.
  • If you are instead using one of the precompiled ArtiSynth releases, you should obtain the precompiled release of artisynth_models with the corresponding version number.

Current development version

The current development version of artisynth_models is available from Github at :

> git clone

For more information on obtaining and installing packages from Github, see the ArtiSynth installation guide.

Current precompiled release (with source):

Note: this should be used with the corresponding release of artisynth_core.

Older precompiled releases:

Unpack the zip file to an appropriate install directory. You can then run the models from ArtiSynth if you add the path for artisynth_models/classes to the file EXTCLASSPATH in the ArtiSynth install directory.

Full details on using ArtiSynth with external packages are given the Installation Guides.