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The Jaw and Larynx Model

A dynamic biomechanical model of the human jaw and laryngeal structures. The model geometry has been created through data extraction from high resolution cone-beam CT imaging of a 35 year-old male subject. Dynamic parameters for the model including mandibular muscle properties have been taken from published literature.
The model includes:

  • Rigid-body skeletal components for the mandible, maxilla, hyoid, thyroid, and cricoid
  • Point-to-point, hill-type muscle models
  • Lagrangian rigid-body constraints for the TMJ and bite contact
  • Spring networks for laryngeal connective tissue

Chewing Videos

Oblique View Oblique View (10x slow)
Front View Front View (10x slow)
Side View Side View (10x slow)
Camera Pan (10x slow)


Research Page for Jaw Modeling: OPAL Mastication and Swallowing


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