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The FRANK Head and Neck Model

FRANK is a Functional Reference ANatomical Knowledge (FRANK) template of the head and neck. It consists of a collection of anatomical components made of finite element models (FEM), rigid-bodies, spring-like structures, and various muscle types, all wrapped by an airtight parametrically controlled geometric covering. Its muscles can be activated to mimic complex actions such as swallowing, chewing, and speech, and its modular design allows for components to be replaced and tailored to target-specific applications.

P. Anderson, S. Fels, N. M. Harandi, A. Ho, S. Moisik, C. A. Sanchez, I. Stavness and K. Tang (2017) FRANK: A hybrid 3d biomechanical model of the head and neck. In Biomechanics of living organs, pages 413-447. Elsevier. (URL) (BibTeX)