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We have various opportunities for undergraduates to be involved with the ArtiSynth project. Positions include co-op, summer placements, and projects for courses. Please also refer to the related projects for additional opportunities.

The following positions are available: -}

Co-op/Summer Position, May-Aug, 2008

Position: Software Developer


We are developing an open-source biomechanical simulation environment, named ArtiSynth, for modeling and simulating the anatomy and aeroacoustics of the human vocal tract and surrounding structures. Our system is intended to be a research tool for applications in speech, linguistics, medicine, and dentistry. It is written in Java, and provides an API that lets users create anatomical models from a library of components that includes rigid and deformable bodies, particles, muscles and springs. ArtiSynth also provides a GUI that permits interactive model editing and simulation control. Details of the system can be found at ArtiSynth Home. We are looking for a software developer to assist in developing ArtiSynth and extending its capabilities. Responsibilities may include:

# Designing, coding, and testing new features for the system, particularly those related to the graphical interface. # Extending the library of ArtiSynth components, or using those components to extend the current set of anatomical models. # Documenting and testing existing parts of the system.

If you have an interest in physically-based animation and simulation, this is an exciting project to be involved in. Hours are flexible and the work environment is academic and informal. You must have excellent software development skills, an aptitude for designing algorithms and class libraries, and the ability to work independently. Knowledge of Java, computer graphics techniques, vector and matrix algebra, and experience in GUI programming (especially Java Swing) would be a plus.

ArtiSynth is freely distributed to the biomedical and speech research communities, and so this is an excellent opportunity to work on a real world system with a broad application audience.

Salary: $8,000 to $10,000 per term depending upon qualifications.


  • Dr. John Lloyd, Computer Science Dept., 822-4946, or
  • Dr. Sidney Fels, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 822-5338, ssfels (at)