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Embedded Muscles in FEM

This simple demo is intended to display ArtiSynth's ability to use FEM markers and axial spring muscles to control the deformation of FEM models. The demo consists of a FEM spheroid with axial spring muscles connected radially from the spheroid's center to FEM markers circling the center. The spheroid's deformation is controlled by contracting pairs of opposite muscles. Within the first movie, the Spheroid is shown alone, and the effects of the muscle pairs are demonstrated. In the second movie, the deformations are used to offset the center of mass (COM). The COM is pulled downwards by gravity, causing the spheroid to roll. After the spheroid is rolled back and forth across the screen, it's muscles and elasticity is used to make it bounce several times.

Videos of FEM Spheroid with Embedded Muscles.

Note - videos require DivX plugin (e.g. VLC Player)

Muscle-Controlled Spheroid

Spheroid on Table